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sword & crown
winter, year 307
current event

the rules
01. respect

Our number one rule here on S&C is that all players and their characters are treated with respect. Bullying or harassment will not be tolerated, as we aim to provide a safe and fun environment for all of our players. We are aware that not all players will get along with each other, but everyone can still be treated with politeness and respect. If you have any problems or issues with another member, please do not hesitate to contact and admin to have it sorted out.

02. joining

When joining, please register your character's name in first last format - either case works, as the coding will fix it automatically. Avatar sizes are 225x350px and any size rectangular gif should work for the gif portion of our mini profile. Please remember to make all reserves and claims before/after making a character, as staff will not be held responsible if someone else comes along and snags your face/noble seat etc if you haven't already done so. Minimum player age is currently 18 years old.

03. character creation

Your first five characters are free, which means you have no requirements to fulfill before you can make them all. After your first five, your last character must have at least one IC post (letter threads of considerable length are also accepted as an IC post). You can work on new characters in the meantime, however. We do not have a character limit, as we trust all players know how much they can handle, or when they need to drop characters. Our application is also completely free style, and we do not have a set word count for it - just make sure you give us a good idea of your character. Playable characters can be no younger than 16 years old, any children younger than that must be played as NPCs.

04. site content

Due to some themes that will likely be represented on the site, the rating is MATURE. However, at this time we do not have a premium subscription, and as such we would like all sex scenes to fade-to-black until such time as it's decided that we will upgrade. As for trigger warnings, we trust players to use their better judgement when tagging content that may be possibly distressing for some people, however if anyone absolutely needs something tagged, please contact an admin.

05. activity

Here on S&C we believe that roleplaying is definitely for fun, and that real life commitments come first and that sometimes it's just not possible to post, so we're not going to require that you post a million times a week. As long as you're posting when you can, and posting in our activity checks & sweeps when they come up and letting us know when you're going to be absent, we'll be happy.

06. posting

This is less of a rule and more of a guideline, but please location stamp your threads when you post them, as we do not have individual boards for each city etc in the world of S&C. You may also timestamp them as well (going by the seasons).

the starting guide
Sword & Crown is an original fantasy rpg, which has its own universe based on historical and fantasy elements such as magic and beats and wildlife taken from mythology.

The world of Sword & Crown is split across several different countries/continents, and characters can be made from all of them:


Eldur is divided into different regions and is ruled by a royal family. Each region is governed by the main noble family called wardens, and each region is also split between other noble families. Each noble seat also has its own freeholds, which help the noble family to govern efficiently.

Knights are unique to Eldur, and can be made from here.

Most regions have more real life equivalent names that can go with them for more traditional names:

MIDDLEMARCHES & IVORY COAST: English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh
SOUTHEDGE: French, Spanish & Italian

HOWEVER, since Eldur has been combined for at least 300 years under the one monarchy, and due to the amount of migrants and marriages that have sprung from alliances, names from all of these languages can be found all over the country, and are not just restricted to the region/country that they originated from, and names do not have to be complicated either. Names from different mythology are also acceptable.


Baizheng is a country across the sea to the east of Eldur. They are ruled by an imperial family, who have decades ago conquered most of the land. Each region is governed by the main noble family, and each region is also split between other noble families.

As Baizheng is inspired by many Asian cultures, naming conventions for Baizhengese characters may be taken from any language found in Asia, eg Mandarin, Japanese etc


Gadhavi is a small island nation located to the southwest of Baizheng, not particularly well known for their military prowess but are rich in trade. They are ruled by a royal family, and their noble families.

As Baizheng is inspired by many South Asian cultures, naming conventions for Gadhavian characters may be taken from any language that can be found spoken in South Asia - eg Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu etc


Utawala is not a country, but rather a continent made up of several different countries who each rule themselves.

As Utawala is inspired by the continent of Africa and parts of the Middle East, naming conventions for Utawalan characters may be taken from any language that can be found spoken in those areas - eg Swahili, Amharic, Turkish, Arabic etc


Volubisia is an empire who has only recently made themselves known to the countries south of it (as it lies north of the Dragon's Spine, which can be found along the western border of Eldur). They are ruled by an imperial family, and each region is ruled by its own kings and queens, who also have nobles underneath them.

Naming conventions for Volubisian characters should be Greek or Roman names.

Behind the Name is an excellent source for names, as is their surname counterpart.

For finding an appropriate face claim a tumblr tag with period-appropriate face claims. If you're not sure if your face claim is an appropriate ethnicity for the continent they're from, don't hesitate to double check with staff! Next is occupation. In the historical times the universe is based on, things like weavers, farmers, merchants and servants were very common occupations. A list of occupations (for both nobles and commoners) can be found here and here.

Furthermore, you can also choose to make your character a magic user. Please read the information on the specific type of magic in the magic lore before creating a magic character.

If you have any trouble (even after reading the related world database information) you can always ask for help by either PMing an admin or reaching out in the cbox.

If you can think of anything that may need to be added to this starting guide, please contact an admin and let us know!

current ratios

Male: 37
Female: 52
Non-Binary: 2

Baizheng: 5
Gadhavi: 1
Utawala: 17
Volubisia: 14
Eldur: 59

Commoners: 35
Nobles: 56 (35 noblewomen, 20 noblemen, 1 non-binary)

submitting lore
If you would like to submit some lore of your own, please don't hestitate to PM it to an admin for review and to be posted! This can include bestiary entries, location guides, organisations etc.

Please provide an admin (either by PM or by replying to this thread) with whatever information you want in the thread. Be clear what are paragraphs and what need to be (sub)titles in the text.

the credits
The site's skin and the site codes were made by Iris, and the current graphics were made by Laurel. All site content pertaining to the world of Sword & Crown was created by Iris (unless stated otherwise), and all characters and their content belong to their individual players. Anyone caught stealing will be banned automatically.

Test webpage © me, all rights reserved