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winter, year 307
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The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region to the north of Eldur. Despite its size, the impassibility of some of the mountain passes that can be found here make living in the region difficult, therefore the amount of villages that can be found here are minimal. Most of the people in this region make their living from logging and hunting due to having little arable land available.
The Golden Plains region is famous for its vast quantities of arable land and the quality of the livestock bred there, particularly their horses. They are notably on better terms with the people of the Northern Islands than most of the other regions in Eldur, to the point where many inhabitants of both regions are related by marriage to someone in the other.
from the earth ,
by elsemarie østergård
on Jul 13 2018, 01:31 PM
The Middlemarches is the largest region in Eldur, and home to the capital city and the Eldurian Royal family. It accounts for most of the country's farming trade, as it lays claim to the vastest expanses of farming land available, using the King's River to ship most of its trade items to different regions.
blood a boiling
on Jul 17 2018, 02:30 AM
The Ivory Coast is a coastal region of Eldur, making it the main source of fishing on the mainland apart from what is traded with the Northern Islands, and is the area most responsible for patrolling the waters for potential threats from pirates and other enemy ships. Whale bones are often washed up on the beaches along the coast, making ivory trade here a staple in the economy.
sea mist
by naveed shmona
on Jul 14 2018, 05:05 AM
Southedge is the southernmost point of Eldur, and is counted possibly the most tropical, as it enjoys far less harsh winters than most of the rest of the country. It is also one of the biggest diplomatic regions of Eldur, being in prime position to enjoy more foreign visitors and trade.
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The Northern Isles are an island region to the north of Eldur. They endure both extremely harsh winters and volcanic activity - the latter of which they use to their advantage where possible - and the folk there are bred to withstand the conditions there. They did not always fall under the realm of Eldur, hence the reason they have kept the names of their villages in their common tongue, and sometimes are not viewed as truly Eldurian by many others, but have proved themselves nonetheless.
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