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sword & crown
autumn, year 307
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 argyris, chakrii, 26, kyriaísos, volubisia
chakrii argyris
queen of the lionsland , currently at volubisia, twenty-six years old, played by greyson, shipper , dev

chakrii argyris, kyriaísos of asteriae, queen of the lionsland, mahaagasat of the hyenas, wife of her celestial majesty melina of house argyris, hyena guide, huntress of the lionsland

twenty six

place of birth
the lionsland (asteriae // volubisia)

currently in
the lionsland (asteriae // volubisia)

marital status
kyriaísos (spouse of the king) but also open

face claim
lalisa manoban

your people were slaves once, a long time ago. some of them still carry it in their limbs, in their bowing backs, their bodies aching with the echoes of labor they never participated in. the weight is from the stories of the elders, the ones you all heard as children, watching gnarled fingers trembling with palsy as they sketched hieroglyphs into the earth.

you never let the weight of the past settle into your bones. you never understood why the others did. all that is too far gone for you to see it, and you know the sand tainted with history has all been replaced by the dredging continuance of time, anyway.

high noon

as young as 12 summers, you learn to hunt from the hyenas, learn to ignore the heat of the sun burning down on you like a fire meant for smelting. for all of their grunts and the spit that drools from their grinning maws, for all of the sharp, humorless cackles they toss into the cooling air of the night, the animals are patient hunters. the hunt is in the chase, in the gnashing teeth and the bloody flanks until the prey falls to exhaustion and shudders out ragged breaths as it is devoured.

your teeth aren't sharp enough to flay away flesh until blood loss summons weakness, but you are patient enough to wait. you find the colonies of ungulate tracks stamped into the mud of the riverbeds and shoot arrows fletched with shikra feathers when they flee into the thickets. the blood slicks the game trails and you follow it until the animal has no choice but to stop and rest.

unlike your non-human teachers and guides, you don't rip apart the animal while it still clings to life. you grant it mercy and thank it for its sacrifice. you always take your time to make the most of it once the last breath escapes. the bones, you leave for the hyenas, except for the ribs you use to craft your arrows or pin your hair from your face. nothing is wasted.

because the most important lesson you learn is that one day you will be nothing but food for some predator, too, and you think there's something beautiful about that.


melina is a streak of crimson in all of the brown and green that splatters the reach of the lionsland. your people have been in good standing with the ruling families ever since they crushed the shackles that bound them to hard labor and fruitless farming. but melina is the first in a long time to spend so much of her life with you, and you're drawn to her, pulled in. she's dangerous but beautiful, something you know can be deadly but find yourself inexplicably attracted to. you understand why they compare her to nightshade.

it's you who spins the most time with her, trailing through the veld in search of kudu and zebra. it's you who first urges the hyenas to let her in, until you don't even need to be close for them to press their large noses against her, blowing hot breath into her face and chewing on hair so much lighter than your own. it's in her you find a connection, because though your people learned hunting from the hyenas long before, you are one of the only ones who can physically come close, one of the only ones welcomed in as something not quite human anymore. but then there's melina, and you like the way her eyes look when you work together to chase down a kill from the pounding heat of the afternoon to the murky humidity of the evening. there's something wild there, something you know your own reflect back.

you kiss her mouth and everywhere below it, muffled by the crackling logs of the fire while you roast some of your kill and dry out the rest to carry with you back home. and only when the hyenas pitch up their voices in laughs and shrieks do you notice the sun dying below the horizon and pull yourself away to head back, your tongue tasting of poison you keep drinking, every single time.


she asks for your hand a summer and a winter after she inherits the throne, and you accept. you marry melina with the city sprawling to your north and the lowvelds of the lionsland facing your back, the midnight sky spinning above you, your ancestors watching and flickering quietly in approval in time with the torchlight. jai, the matriach of the cackle of hyenas that have accepted you the most dearly, sits next to you and watches with an understanding you do not even attempt to comprehend.

the kingdom does not call you, though. you stay with your people the majority of the time, because despite your new position, the lionsland is your home. your heart and your soul and your reason for being are scattered in pieces under the sand and in the watering hole and beneath the ancient trees with their arching trunks. your power exists in the instant the spear leaves your hand to burrow into a heaving, fur-covered shoulder. your power exists in the collapse after the exertion, your head nuzzling into the mane of one of the beasts that understands you better than any human ever will.

and it's important you stay, after all. you doubt your people will stray from the sacred relationship you've formed with the world, with the push and pull for survival and the way the terrain can change its mind in an instant whether human presence is welcome. but there's so much to learn, and so much to teach.

you're never certain if you believe the stars truly house the long-fled souls of those who came before, but the possibility exists that there are ancients humming their way through the fabric of space, and you want them to be proud of the legacy that you are crafting.


chakrii is generally very friendly, and she'll respect anyone as long as they extend her the same courtesy. she does have a certain amount of diplomatic power, considering her marriage to melina, but she's kind of?? bad at it?? in the sense that she regularly forgets that she's actually royalty. but she does prefer peace over violence, and is incredibly willing to share her culture with others. she and her group have a very strong reverence for nature (much like the entire kingdom does), and if anyone wants to learn more about the creatures of the lionsland, or persistence hunting, she'll be more than willing to share what she knows.


melina is her spouse, and it's definitely built on an actual relationship and not just political gain. but that doesn't mean she isn't open to other more casual lovers. she definitely prefers the more feminine leaning type, but she isn't incredibly picky either way, and probably sleeps around on a pretty regular basis.


of course, from a diplomatic standpoint, the enemies of the kingdom are chakrii's as well, considering her political affiliation. otherwise, she doesn't have many. but if she finds someone disrespecting the lionsland (by harming an animal they don't intend to make use or, or harming a hunter except in the case of mercy killing), she won't hesitate to handle it herself, and it probably won't leave much room for mercy or negotiation. she really does prefer peace, though, and won't resort to violence unless she finds it absolutely necessary.

20, est, seulgi supremacist#7779

posted on May 16 2018, 10:20 PM, permalink
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profesh crier, currently at malaysia, 21 years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

Congratulations, you've been accepted to Sword & Crown. Please remember to fill out your claims and have fun roleplaying!

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