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autumn, year 307
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 An Open Invitation, Caelina XENOCRATES
jocasta argyris
EVGENÍS, currently at asteriae, volubisia, 28 years old, played by jess, shipper , dev

My dear Lady Caelina,

First of all, I should offer my deepest apologies for not writing sooner. I have no excuse for the negligence and I apologize. I should have written months ago. Although with Asteriae calm again, I finally have the chance. I do hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself, I know it is far too easy to ignore your own needs when you’re caring for the wellbeing of everyone around you.

I must also offer my deepest condolences on your loss. I cannot imagine how heavy that burden has been and I am so so sorry my friend.

That is partly my reason for writing to you, as well. I would like to extend an open invitation for you to visit whenever you’d like. I can make our estate by the shore ready, and I will have tutors and caretakers available for your children just in case you’d like a few days to yourself.

Please consider accepting my invitation soon, I would welcome the chance to see you and your children again.

Always your friend,

Jocasta Argyris

posted on Apr 21 2018, 05:53 PM, permalink
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caelina xenocrates
lady commander, currently at lacedae, thirty years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

evgenis jocasta argyris, of asteriae
evgenis jocasta,

your kind words were a balm i had not known i'd wanted nor needed, but then, you've always been so much better at seeing to my weaknesses than i myself. please - don't burden yourself with even the slightest hint of guilt, and know that i hold no grudge. it has been a heavy year for all of us, and i can only utter my gratitude for the empress' smooth guidance through it all.

i am gratified to hear that all is well with asteriae. i have not heard of disturbances in your kingdom, else i would have made the journey myself. are there any news that i should be better appraised of, even if they rest now in the past? as asteriae's nearest neighbours, i am certain our king would not hesitate to extend a hand or a blade if needs be.

in all honesty - and you should feel pride for me now, that i acknowledge such emotions or needs - i miss him dearly. i know i ought not, and i know i worsen my children's condition, but i miss him.

(it is an odd kind of therapeutic, to write the words down and acknowledge the loss, and i apologize for your having to witness them.)

your invitation is truly an honor i should have expected, knowing you. you are too kind to me, friend. i will take it under consideration - at present, my children are loathe to leave their home and home comforts, which is perhaps more reason for us to go.

you must understand, however, that i could not possibly visit without your promise of being there - it is far too easy for you royal folks to wave your funds at grave issues and will it all away, and loathe as i am to address myself thus, i would waive my dignity for a chance to see your face.

my gratitude, still, for the generous offer, and my hopes that you consider my counter-offer.

your friend,

caelina xenocrates.

posted on May 10 2018, 12:31 PM, permalink
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jocasta argyris
EVGENÍS, currently at asteriae, volubisia, 28 years old, played by jess, shipper , dev


I hope despite our distance in both miles and time, you’ve never stopped thinking of me as a friend. Your reassurances that all is well is welcome though I still wish to extend any help and invitation I can offer, it’s the least I can do.

We were lucky in that we did not see much conflict, if any. In fact, I can only recall a few rabble rousers taking up residence in some taverns throughout our islands. Most of the soldiers we sent came home and even I was not called to draft, though I am enlisted. I suppose the heir to the kingdom was not to be expended. Hopefully that will change soon though and my sister will have children. I do look forward to being an aunt. I’m sure my brother’s had some though none have claimed legitimacy yet.

I believe it’s right to miss him. I would be more fearful if you didn’t. You loved him and it’s okay to grieve, losing people is one of the hardest things any of us will ever go through and you’re not just losing a person, you’re losing a bit of yourself. The person he made you, who you were when he was around, the little things they do to make us smile or laugh or cry. It’s better that you miss him but it’s also important to stay strong and sometimes that means leaning on the people that love you. If not for my siblings, I would have crumbled after my parents passed. But I know I’m lucky that they lived to such an old age. So I hold on to that and I hold on to my siblings. And if you need someone, when you’re ready, I will gladly offer a kind ear and welcoming heart.

If you decide to visit, I will make any arrangements necessary to be here through the duration of your stay, of that I will promise. It’s been some time since I saw your children and I would be remiss to travel while you are here. I don’t have any plans to travel in the near future and will make no plans until after your visit.

I do not intend to simply wave funds at your plight but my attention, books, comfortable rooms, and more food than we should really have will absolutely be at your disposal. I do hope you take up the offer soon.

Warmest regards,

Jocasta Argyris.

posted on Yesterday at 01:48 am, permalink
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