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winter, year 307
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 rosegold, for jess with jocasta
callidora spiros
royal pain, currently at floros, twenty-one years old, played by ani, shipper , dev

It being Callidora's first trip to Asteriae, perhaps she should have been brimming with excitement to absorb the unfamiliar sights and sounds unfolding on the end of her journey - but she was by then quite tired of the scenery. She had bounced along in a carriage pulled by horses, wobbled to and fro on some horrendous ship across the waters that separated Asteriae from the mainlands, and then been tossed along again on the roads into the capital city. Any wonder she might have felt at the beginning of the trip had evaporated some miles ago, replaced now by her impatience for the trip to begin.

At any rate, ever since the trip had been announced, Callidora had been more excited to visit an old friend than to take in whatever wonder Asteriae was supposed to hold. Several years separated the Floros delegation's current visit to Ouránios from Jocasta's last trip to Acacius with the sister kingdom's own envoys - Callidora supposed she had been in her fourteenth summer then - but they had kept in touch with letters aplenty, Jocasta's flawless hand and elegant words often challenging Callidora to write more carefully and choose her own with a more discerning eye, lest she be outdone.

She remembered Jocasta as a an intelligent and thoughtful person with a kind and pleasant disposition that would be a welcome relief from her cousin Aeliana's pinching and prodding, and so it was with no small amount of gratitude and enthusiasm that she had emerged from their transportation and then suffered with politeness and grace through the formal greetings required of one royal relegation visiting another.

Once it was mercifully finished and they were allowed to drop pretenses, Callidora wasted no time in seeking out Jocasta among the thinning number of people whose presence had been required. "Jocasta!" She greeted her with a warm smile, barely remembering to perform a perfunctory bow as was habit to someone who outranked her, then moved forward to embrace her with an excited giggle that betrayed her youth - and perhaps was tinged with the exhaustion she felt from the journey. "Oh, it has been too long! I do hope you can forgive my wretched appearance," she said, demurely patting at her hair and the gown she had adjusted and fussed over as they grew closer to the palace. "Traveling across land and sea holds no dear place in my heart, but now that we are here, I find the journey has been so very worth it."

posted on May 22 2018, 05:17 PM, permalink
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jocasta argyris
EVGENÍS, currently at asteriae, volubisia, 28 years old, played by jess, shipper , dev

ouránios, astériae | selene argyris
When the invitation had returned for the royal Spiros family to visit the Argyris’ home, Jocasta was elated. It had been so long since she’d seen any of them that she’d almost forgotten her manners and nearly squeaked in delight after the handmaiden handed her the letter. Their island country was distant only by geography and Jo had always considered their family friends, or as friendly as neighboring royalty could be. Things had escalated when her brother had made plans to court their princess and she’d hoped this was the beginning of seeing more of them. Especially Callidora. The two princesses were close enough in age, Jo being a few short years older, and though they’d taken different paths in life, they had much to reminisce and bond over. And Jo was anxious to give the girl some pointers when it came to her brother.

The day the Spiros family was due to arrive, she’d spent her time tidying and bringing more books into her library, in the event that she somehow didn’t have enough to entertain the princess. She’d made preparations beforehand with her handmaidens to have fresh flowers in the quarters the Spiros monarchs would be occupying and had even picked the specific bouquets she wanted to greet them with. They didn’t get guests that often and when they did, Jo tended to go a little overboard with planning.

When they were called to the great hall to receive the envoy bringing the other royals into their court, Jocasta hung back, too excited and nervous to contain herself as the party sauntered in, regal and commanding in their presence. The two countries had always had a working relationship and oftentimes a very friendly one and it was easy to see why. Many of their monarchs had been of similar temperament, level headed, intelligent beyond measure, eager to stake their claim in the world and overwhelmingly competent in their abilities. When the formalities were over and the royal envoy properly greeted, Jocasta found it impossible to uphold her polite and quiet façade and joined Callidora in giggling like a young girl.

”I am so happy you’ve finally made it!” She announced as she embraced the younger blonde. ”Ourános is always brightened by your presence!” She held out an arm for Callidora to take and made a face that betrayed her sympathy. ”I can have my assistants draw a bath if you’d like, or prepare the spa. They’ve invented some new wonderful things lately, supposedly soaking in rose water helps slow aging. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m certain it would be relaxing after traveling so long. Or tea, perhaps. A nice lavender tea.” She was rambling but she was so happy to see her old friend she couldn’t help it.

posted on Jun 13 2018, 12:40 AM, permalink
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