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winter, year 307
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 even when I'm a ghost, for lyss with ayse
jun yí
assassin, currently at , 31 years old, played by halle, shipper , dev

Jun took a bite out of his apple and watched the newest recruits follow Ayse with nervous eyes. That nervousness would turn towards adoration soon enough. She had such a way with them, a method of combined terror and inspiration. He rather thought of them like ducklings imprinting upon a very savage mother. The thought amused him and he grinned into his apple.

He'd stolen it from the market place on his way here, along with the golden chain bracelet currently draped over his wrist. Lifting bits and bobs from the market had become so second-nature that he hadn't intended to nick the bracelet; it had ended up in his pocket as though his deft fingers were controlled by another brain.

He'd had half a mind to put the thing back, but now it rather amused him, the gentle jingle whenever he moved his arm. Of course, he couldn't wear it anywhere of importance, or else give his thieving habit away. But for the moment, he appreciated its glint on his wrist between glances at the wide-eyed children of the Hand.

Jun had his eye on the prettiest of the bunch, a slight thing with strong arms and eyes the color of wheat. She stood near the back of the group, resting easy on the balls of her feet, less intimidated than the others. He smiled into the apple, eyetooth slicing the skin open and dripping juice into his mouth. If he had to take his pick of the lot, she was his.

He took care not to look at any one recruit too long, returning his veiled gaze to Ayse. When she was in the room, it was smartest to never look away from her for too long.

posted on Jun 7 2018, 03:57 PM, permalink
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