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sword & crown
winter, year 307
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 thorn, anders, 34, lord, goldhall
anders thorn
lord, currently at goldhall, thirty-four years old, played by ani, shipper , dev

lord anders thorn


place of birth
goldhall (golden plains, eldur)

currently in
goldhall or windemere (eldur)

marital status

face claim
eoin macken


If being the eldest child comes with a certain set of expectations, being the only son doubles them - and being a Thorn, who are supposed to be as honorable as they are long-lived, triples them. Anders drew such a lot, turning out to be the only son his mother’s four pregnancies would yield. By the time his youngest sister Elsmarie was born thirteen years later, it was likely for the best; his father had already placed so much responsibility on his shoulders, there would have been little left for a second son.

ii. barndom

For his sisters, childhood in Goldhall was

iii. fru

The Thorns have no qualms against marrying young, and so during the height of King Cenric's reign, Anders, only recently turned twenty, wed the daughter of one of Goldhall's freeholding houses. It was not an ambitious choice, but it was a safe choice. Anders and Pernella were not perfectly matched - she was hot-headed where he was patient, headstrong where he was flexible - but they were young and passionate, and an heir soon followed.

Pernella complained about his mother's heavy hand, and he defended the dynamics of his family against her own, for she was the only child of coldly tempered parents and didn't understand. She begged him not to spend time in the fields like a commoner, and he chided her for putting herself so high above the people for whose livelihoods they would one day be responsible. She was nearly apoplectic when he announced his decision to venture forth as one of Prince Edric's Goldshields instead of staying in Goldhall with her and their two sons, and he insisted that a man's loyalty was owed to both his House and his country in equal measures.

Through it all, he warmed himself by the fire in her spirit, coming to expect and appreciate - and, yes, he realized later, take for granted - the way she challenged and loved him.

iv. riddare


v. tyst


Your shipper goes here! You can fill this out however you like.
26, est, discord

posted on Jul 11 2018, 07:18 PM, permalink
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