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autumn, year 307
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 the benakorda, lady bandits [5/12]
outlaw, currently at the spine, 21 years old, played by Kate, shipper , dev

the benakorda
Legends tell of painted woman who burn homes and kidnap wives and daughters- of warriors who seem to step out of the fog on roads that stray to close to the Spire and too far from towns and villages. These legends have existed as long as Eldur was a kingdom and long before- as have the women whom inspired the stories, the Benakorda. Their own legends say that the small settlement hidden in the Spire mountains started by women abused in a long forgotten war and that the guidance and protection of Bri has allowed them to survive for so long. There are never many of them, but their warriors are fierce bandits and their secrets are closely guarded.

The small valley they call home is hidden within the Spire mountains, unfound for centuries by their own careful habits and the threat of dragons and other beasts that make searching for them difficult. Most in Eldur would call the Benakorda a myth, or a group that died out a century or more before, even possibly the merchants and farmers they raid along the roads. Though their valley has a small farm and a few goats they largely get their food and supplies from attacking caravans traveling to and from Southedge. Then Benakorda are all women, most having been invited into the clan after tragedy in their own lives, a few being born among the women.

The number of Benakorda have always been influx, and at the moment they are gaining membership thanks in part to the war. Don't feel limited by the characters or face claims suggested if you want to change them or add new clanswomen (either a new or existing character) please feel free and I'll add them. The only thing is please do not whitewash any of the POC faces.

muakni, suwid-matir, 50-60, michelle fairley, played by fish
muakni bog

Maukni is the oldest woman in the clan and there for the leader or "wise-mother". She was born in the clan, when there were only a handful of members and they spent little time fighting and most of their time scraping together a living in the mountain valley. As a young woman she craved more and left, returning many years later with an animal bonded boar and a new appreciation for swaps. Maukni is well respected by the clan, even if she is blunter than a rock to the face.

She is played by Fish.

rigani, neit-matir, 40-50, kirsty mitchell, reserved for julie
rigani queen

Rigani is the neit-matir, or "warrior-mother", she leads the handful of warriors in their raids and hunting excursions as well as trains all the clanswomen in combat. She was brought into the Benakorda by Taphnet after her family was killed and she went on a bit of a revenge rampage. She has cooled considerably since then, and protects her new family with an unmatched ferocity. She can be a bit tough on her warriors, but only because she wants them to be stronger than anything they might encounter.

she is reserved for julie.

alarko, nanto-matir, 40-50, chipo chung, open
alarko swan

Alarko is the nanto-matir or "valley mother" and keeps their small home in the mountains in order. She was not born among the Benakorda, or even in Eldur. She was born in Utawala as a slave, then as she was being taken by sea to somewhere else her captors ship was taken upon by pirates and she was smuggled into an Eldurian port. She managed to escape, and fled into unfamiliar country before meeting Brana, who was also fleeing. The two hid together for some years before being found by the Benakorda. The first thing they did after taking their new names was be married.

She should be 40-50 years old and the suggested face is Chipo Chung in Camelot.

jantu, nanto-bena, 35+, naomie harris, open
jantu zeal

Jantu was not born in the clan but might as well have been. She and her mother fled their home in Southedge when she was only a few months old. She is not sure of the reason but her mother decided to take her chances in the Spire and spent weeks avoiding sentries and monsters before stumbling upon the valley and finding a safe haven there. All Jantu has ever known has been the Benakorda and she has worked hard all her life to see it thrive. Her mother was the previous Suwid-Matir.

She should be 35+ years old and the suggested face is Naomie Harris in Pirates of the Caribbean.

brana, nanto-bena, 35+, cate blanchett, open
brana raven

Brana hails from Windemere, where as a child she lived on the street, eventually becoming a prostitute to support herself and her mounting gambling habit. When the debts became too much she ran, choosing a slow death in the wilderness before a slow death without her kneecaps. While running she ran into Alarko, and together they managed to fend for themselves for a few years in the wilderness, safe with the other beside them. Eventually they were found by the Benakorda and brought into the valley where they were promptly married.

She should be 35+ years old and the suggested face is Cate Blanchett in Thor.

kelga, nanto-bena, 25+, khulan chuluun, open
kelga clever

Kelga was brought into the clan as a child. She was found wandering the woods aimlessly with no memories of her parents or origins, just scared of all the noises and the dark. She was maybe six or seven at the time, and so was brought to the valley and raised by the clan. She is happy where she is but still wonders where she came from, or if there is someone still looking for her. However the idea of leaving terrifies her so she would rather stay safely in the valley with her true family than risk loosing everything for people who aren't even a memory.

She should be 25+ years old and the suggested face is Chuluun Khulan in Mongol.

meli, nanto-bena, 20+, charlie murphy, open
meli honey

Meli is the newest of the Benakorda. She worked in her families shop in Ravensreach before the war, a family that was killed and a shop which burned down during the Volubisian invasion of the Blue Mountains. She worked with other refugees for a while, assisting the quartermaster with supply counts when she could- but as the invaders pushed forward towards the south she found herself more and more displaced by men looking for work or to help. Eventually she was found by Rigani and brought to the safety of the Benakorda. She has volunteered to travel south to Riverwood or maybe Windemere to act as a trader for her new clan to replenish supplies affected by the war.

She should be 20+ years old and the suggested face is Charlie Murphy in Last Kingdom.

taphnet, neit-bena, 45+, kelly reilly, open
taphnet fire

When Taphnet was a girl, tales of the Benakorda were used by her parents to frighten her into obedience. Eventually, they became her refuge from their mistreatment of her and every night she promised herself that soon she would follow the legends and become a mystical warrior. The night finally came, she packed up her meager belongings and disappeared into the night. She traveled up and down the roads and then into the forest near where they were last seen, eventually encountering some of the hunters. She never looked back, and has proudly raised two daughters among her clan, Loukno and Karwo. Their father is a hunter in Oakwood she has been having an affair with for years- though he doesn't know anything about her or her children.

She should be 45+ years old and the suggested face is Kelly Reilly in Britannia.

loukno, neit-bena, 24-26, rose leslie, reserved for dolls
loukno moon

Loukno was the first born in the clan since Maukni, and it was taken as a sign that Bri was favouring them again. She grew up idolizing her mother Taphnet and watching after her sister Karwo. She trained with a bow, one day wanting to join her mother in the warriors and prove herself. She is cautious and even-tempered, an excellent hunter she can stalk even the most skittish of rabbits for and hour without her quarry catching on, but she lacks the stomach to attack caravans with the other warriors which has left her watching over the camp when the others set upon their victims. She worries her weakness makes her worthless.

She is reserved for Dolls.

karwo, neit-bena, 21, tamzin merchant, played by kate
karwo deer

Karwo is currently the last born member of the Benkorda, following her sister Loukno. She is ambitious and adventurous and impatient, constantly trying to control her wanderlust. She, liker her elder sister, deeply idolizes her mother and followed both women into the warriors where she is an excellent scout and archer. She is bored easily, and constantly is given new challenges to keep herself from going absolutely stir crazy even out in the woods. She is going with Meli on the trade mission as a guard to keep her and their goods safe- she is the exact unsavory type they will need to look out for.

She is played by Kate.

komkatu, nei-bena, 25+, lin peng, open
komkatu battle

Komkatu's family was from Hvalurströnd where they fought against the raiders that attacked their villages shores. They served loyally for generations, until her father was framed for treason. Her father was killed, and her mother, herself and her siblings exiled to the mainland with only what they could carry. Her mother was a hard woman, and they managed to survive but they did not thrive- as soon as she was old enough she was pushed to find work to help support her mother, step father and new extended family. She ended up working as a caravan guard- a job worthy of her fathers legacy. A caravan she was helping to guard was set upon by the Benakorda- after surrender she decided to join them rather than returning to her mother and a place that would never be home.

She should be 25+ years old and the suggested face is Lin Peng in Dragon Blade.

katarno, neit-bena, 20+, alycia debnam carey, played by alex
katarno brave

Katarno was born the the village outside High Keep and worked as a servant in the castle. She was wooed by a guardsman who also worked in the keep, and he convinced her they would be married. They bedded, and after she started showing her pregnancy and asking for a more solid commitment, he reveled he had no intention of keeping his promise or helping her with their child. She tried to continue to work, but she was treated with hostility and her workload was increased, rather than lessened after her daughter was born. Eventually she was let go by the housekeeper for not completing her tasks. With nowhere to go she tried to find work in every house and farm until the Benakorda found her. She resolved to never be helpless or at anyone's mercy again and trained to join the warriors, leaving her daughter to be raised in the valley by her clan.

She is played by Alex.

posted on Aug 27 2017, 02:17 AM, permalink
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aurelia spiros
queen of floros, currently at volubisia, 24 years old, played by alex, shipper , dev

hi i'm a slut for adc and lady warriors so can you reserve katarno for me pls?

posted on Aug 27 2017, 09:41 AM, permalink
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outlaw, currently at the spine, 21 years old, played by Kate, shipper , dev

you got it babe <3

posted on Aug 27 2017, 02:38 PM, permalink
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orsetta howland
lady, currently at oldport, twenty-one years old, played by dolls, shipper , dev

can i reserve loukno plz

im trash thanks


posted on Aug 27 2017, 02:55 PM, permalink
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outlaw, currently at the spine, 21 years old, played by Kate, shipper , dev


posted on Aug 27 2017, 02:57 PM, permalink
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, currently at , years old, played by , shipper , dev
I'd love to play raven!
posted on Jan 13 2018, 11:26 AM, permalink
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WIZARD, currently at NEVERLAND, 26 years old, played by IRIS, shipper , dev

kate's on a bit of an absence right now but i'm sure she'd be thrilled!!

posted on Jan 14 2018, 05:59 AM, permalink
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