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sword & crown
winter, year 307
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 gold dust, house dehabi • [1/7]
Makeda Dehabi
princess, currently at majani, 25 years old, played by joy, shipper , dev

house dehabi
house dehabi, of the golden blood, descendants of queen amibesa i and sovereigns of majani. the dehabis are the most respected and revered of all majanese noble families, and have ruled uninterrupted for the past five centuries. they are known for their bright acumen and affluence, and with these traits in their arsenal, have ushered the nation into an era of economic success and prosperity. they trace this skill back to the golden queen herself, whose mother was a wealthy merchant. dehabis are cunning opportunists, seizing on any chance to deepen their pockets and expand their influence. they are prideful, they are elegant, and perhaps most importantly, they are absurdly wealthy and willing to use their wealth in whatever ways necessary to keep their house in power.

all the fcs listed are just suggestions, but please keep in mind that all of the children of the nigusa and the itege are biracial, and should have faces that match their backgrounds. majani is based heavily off of ethiopia, so names (except for the itege's, obvs) should be east african in origin. if you have any questions about the dehabis or even majani in general just hit me up!!

nigusa ___ dehabi, 48, caroline chikezie, open
the nigusa of majani has ruled for the past twenty-six years, ever since the unexpected death of her mother, simera iv, and was married to ___ falkenrath at nineteen in an effort to strengthen ties with eldur. her eldest child is the product of a brief, torrid affair with a visiting nobleman from thibia, whose identity she has never revealed. her marriage to the itege has been comfortable, but virtually unpassionate, leading some to speculate that the queen had been in love with her thibian paramour and was forced to cast him aside in favor of a political marriage.

the nigusa is shrewd and intelligent, perhaps even more so than her predecessors, and expects a certain standard of behavior out of all her children. throughout her reign, she has attempted to reform the majanese military and break the holds of the mercenary companies over the aristocracy. while the country is in this state of unrest, the nigusa seeks to establish solid alliances with not only other utawalan kingdoms, but nations outside of the continent, as well.

alternate fc suggestions: sanaa lathan, garcelle beauvais

itege ___ falkenrath, 45+, nikolaj coster-waldau, open
the itege (king consort) of majani has long felt like a fish out of water in his wife’s house, and not just because of the cultural differences between majani and eldur. he has come to genuinely love the nigusa, but has been rejected time and time again in his attempts to deepen their relationship past a simple partnership. he has no quarrels with the queen’s leadership or his obligation to obey her, but does wish she would allow him to help lead the country rather than parade him around like a foreign prize.

in the absence of many real political responsibilities, the itege instead focuses on his children. he has endeavored to be what their mother cannot; warm, attentive, and dedicated, making their happiness and success his utmost priority. he has even raised the nigusa’s bastard as his own, and has gone to every length to make sure he is treated no different than his trueborn children. although he adores his sons and daughters, the itege often longs to return to eldur and the blue mountains, and keeps in constant contact with the falkenraths to ease his homesickness.

alternate fc suggestions: craig parker, alexander skarsgård, casper zafer

le'ul ___ dehabi, 30, elliot knight, open
the eldest dehabi le’ul, like his stepfather, considers himself to be somewhat of a black sheep. his mysterious paternity has loomed over his head for as long as he can remember, and more than anything, he longs to learn the identity of his true father. for this reason, he has always felt distant from his half-siblings, especially makeda, who he believes is a terrible influence on their younger brother and sister.

the oldest dehabi brother does not often put himself in the line of focus, but those who interact with him know him as an introspective, somewhat aloof man, with a keen interest in military history and works of literature. he has demonstrated a desire to lead, but because he is both a man and a bastard, knows he cannot inherit the throne and thus attempts to gain influence in other ways. namely, through military leadership.

the eldest prince could potentially already be married, with or without young children.

alternate fc suggestions: sterling sulieman, sinqua walls, charles michael davis

le'elt aklil ___ dehabi, 28, cleopatra coleman, open
the le’elt aklil is undoubtedly the most powerful member of house dehabi next to the nigusa. she has been groomed by her mother into the portrait of a perfect majanese princess: sharp, calculating, and ridiculously charismatic. additionally, she is a master of diplomacy and manipulation, playing hostess at the river palace to countless foreign dignitaries and softening them towards her mother’s demands. chiefly, she operates as the queen’s eyes and ears where she cannot be.

as the oldest sister, the crown princess also takes a leadership role among her siblings. to the youngest brother and sister, she is doting and tender, acting as a second mother. she and makeda, however, are constantly feuding over the latter’s conduct, to the point that either the itege or the youngest le’elt are often forced to intervene.

the eldest princess is potentially married or betrothed, with or without young children.

alternate fcs: jessica szohr, jessica ann strother, ciara renee

le'elt makeda dehabi, 25, jasmine sanders, played by joy
makeda is the middle dehabi child and by far the most controversial. the people of majani are fairly polarized in their opinion of her; one on hand, she is considered a blemish upon house dehabi’s great name by the aristocracy, and on the other, she is philanthropic and humble when it comes to interacting with commoners. if one thing can be said about makeda, it is this: she is as autonomous as they come. she does what she wants, whenever she wants, and deals with the consequences with characteristic humor, temerity, and just a dash of spite.

makeda has managed to split even her own family’s attitude towards her. her father and younger siblings more or less support her trailblazing ways (although they do wish she’d be a bit less tawdry), while her mother and older brother and sister eagerly await the day she tires of troublemaking and toes the royal line. although makeda undoubtedly cares for her family, she forges her own path, and will continue to do so as long as she is able.

le'ul ___ dehabi, 23, dudley o’shaughnessy, open
the youngest and only trueborn le’ul is unlike the others in that he was born with magical abilities. a powerful dreamwalker, he has grown up with one foot in jannada’s circle of magi and the other in the river palace. unlike most highborn mages in majani, he has declined to study abroad and is instead focusing on reinventing the circles of magi as respectable institutions. he does, however, travel frequently in search of deepening his own magical knowledge and expertise.

the only son of the itege is also the most universally well-liked among the five dehabi children. he is creative and sociable, known for his sunny disposition and great affinity for art and poetry. he revels in the attention afforded to him as a mage, but is desperate to prove his worth to his parents and gain the honor and prestige he so desires.

the youngest le’ul is unmarried.

alternate fcs: lucien laviscount, brian whittaker, jacob artist

le'elt ___ dehabi, 20, stephanie rose bertram, open
the youngest princess of majani is not as prominent socially as her sisters, but works tirelessly to mediate the constant family squabbles and disagreements and keep everyone (mostly) on the same page. she is the favorite of all her siblings, endlessly gentle and kind, the glue that holds house dehabi together. despite being adored by her parents, brothers, and sisters, she is often caught in the middle of disputes, which has lead her to become rather nervous and high-strung. she relies on her faith in the mek’idesi to stay grounded, and is interested in one day becoming a priestess of fet’ari once her siblings have all settled down.

unsurprisingly, the youngest le’elt feels overshadowed by her headstrong sisters. she longs to match them in boldness, but is terrified of disappointing those who count on her to be soft-hearted. in recent years, she has become especially close to her father, who she is most alike in temperament.

the youngest le’elt is unmarried.

alternate fc suggestions: naressa valdez, kiana alexis, vanessa morgan

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