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winter, year 307
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 Didn't I say I wasn't ready for a romance?, sloooooooooooow-burn central
Aurélie Duchâtelet
Lady-In-Waiting, currently at Windemere, Eldur, 28 years old, played by Ari, shipper , dev

Couldn't tell I was going under, Suddenly, suddenly that water Pulls you in, pulls you down. Balancing on a tightrope wire, Build the walls, build the walls up higher, Until you, until now
Do you love a super-slow-burn romance? Well, this is the want ad for you!

Aurélie Duchâtelet may be the biggest flirt in Windemere, but her absolute loyalty to Lady Advisor Áine Montfaucon has meant none of those flirtations have become anything serious. So naturally, the poor girl needs a really slow-burn romance because if a guy is going to be worth her leaving Áine's service, then this is going to take some time for her to accept.

I definitely see this as a case of friends becoming closer over time and Aurélie, who is normally self-aware af, is going to be oblivious to her own feelings for a good, long while. Even once she sorts out that she's falling in love, she's going to be really conflicted because her loyalty has been so dedicated to Áine for so long that she's going to need time to come to terms with it. There's also an opportunity for some jealousy because Aurélie will likely respond to her Great Epiphany by flirting more than usual with other men in a doomed attempt to get over her true love. She's the type of girl who falls HARD, though, so once she realises she has a shot and they actually get together, that's it for her. She's as loyal as it gets and even the flirting would (mostly) stop. She's a definite romantic, so the ways to this girl's heart are old-school. Especially flowers, given she's an Eastguard girl through-and-through. Music is another one and the potential for hands brushing and touching while dancing are endless.

Whether this is a pre-existing character or a new one is totally fine! The only requirements are that the character is male, preferably a noble because while Aurélie's family is really chill, they'd probably draw the line at a commoner (knights would probably be fine as she's the youngest), and ideal age is 25+. The rest is wide open!

posted on Jul 9 2018, 05:02 PM, permalink
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