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sword & crown
summer, year 307
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 vasilissa, various tidbits
aurelia spiros
 Posted: Nov 9 2017, 09:15 PM
aurelia spiros
queen of floros
currently at volubisia
24 years old
played by alex
94 posts

winter, 305
Perhaps my time right now should be focused on preparing for the funeral or even for my coronation, though I cannot find myself willing to focus on death, on my new life.

I always knew father would die now, in the way he did - slowly, oh so slowly - but it just seemed to me a vision that wasn't yet reality. I prepared myself as best as I could, though now, everything seems worthless. I used to feel so sure of my future, though I find instability creeping in.

I will not let it show.

I must at least hold myself together, even if I do have the comfort of the thick black the entire kingdom will be adorning for the upcoming weeks. I have proven strength already in combat and military, though to rule a kingdom is something different entirely.

For now, I can hope to survive.

aurelia spiros, vasilissa of floros

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