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autumn, year 307
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 that college au
melina argyris
king of astériae, currently at volubisia, twenty eight years old, played by salem, shipper , dev
play hooky You won’t be able to fall asleep at night
welcome to whitechapel university. a fairly prestigious college located on an isolated island off the coast of australia, whitechapel is well known for its sprawling campus and the highly successful students it produces. from the outside, it appears just another beautiful ivy league university marketed to draw in wealthy students from all over the globe but the truth is that what goes on on whitney island stays there. every school has its secrets, and of course whitechapel has the usual ones - be it drinking, drugs, sex, plagiarism or a little extra credit. but judging by the so called water damage stains in the hall that look a little too dark, and how hard the teachers work to avoid answering certain questions... maybe that's not all whitechapel is hiding.
premise a college plot with the added bonus of possible not so well kept school secrets, which may or may not include student disappearances, some incredibly shifty staff members, tall gates surrounding the island and whatever classes go on in the uppermost level of the school that don't seem to be on the roster. aside from that, it's just a normal ol' college plot with all the sex drugs and debauchery that you would imagine. students can be any age you find reasonable to be attending a college, and staff can be any age thirty or up (excluding things like teachers assistants or other positions that would be open to younger ages). dorm rooms have capacities of one, two, or three occupants. once we get to that point, you'll be allowed to specify which you prefer and what gender (or gender expression) you prefer that mix to be.
students melina argyris - 22 - taylor swift ( salem ) staff subject - first last - ## - face claim ( alias ) position - first last - ## - face claim ( alias ) other here

<small>first last - ##</small> - face claim <small>( alias )</small>

<small>subject/position - first last - ##</small> - face claim <small>( alias )</small>
posted on May 16 2018, 01:20 AM, permalink
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