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sword & crown
autumn, year 307
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only bump your ads once per 7 days. this is to keep things fair on everyone, as everyone would like their ads to be taken as well. please be patient.

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 i found, (slow burn) potential future?
king, currently at windemere, thirty two years old, played by iris, shipper , dev

open name, open face, new/pre-existing characters, 25+ years old
so this ad is probably going to be pretty vague because tbh i'm not 100% sure what i want character wise for edric so??

i will say that it does need to be a slow burn ship though, as edric lost his queen and wife some months back giving birth to their twin son and daughter, and they had been in love since they were teenagers and he broke with all tradition and politics by marrying her, since she was the illegitimate daughter of one of his lords, so he really loved her. so it's not like he'll be actively looking to move on, as such, but it'll happen eventually anyway. so i definitely don't want it to happen instantly.

he also has three young children - eadric, gawain and ygraine, and i'm super really not into the idea of an evil stepmother type plot where she wants her kids to inherit or w/e so if we could steer clear of that we'll be fine and dandy. if any of her family members want that then i'm more flexible, but honestly edric is Not Here for those kinds of shenanigans.

personality and history are up to whoever takes her, she could also be a new or pre-existing character (although i'd say if you were going to make her a new character, please combine her with one of our existing want ads!). also i'd prefer a member of nobility/royalty as i'm also not really up for repeating the same plot with him.

so as you can see... super vague. i just really want to see him be happy for more than 5 seconds t b h. someone give this man a hug.

posted on Dec 26 2017, 01:07 AM, permalink
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