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sword & crown
winter, year 307
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 au prompts
profesh crier, currently at malaysia, 21 years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

y o sharing lists of au prompts here !! feel free to use any of them, and/or prod me if you'd like any of my characters for them <33 i am trash and u should enable me thanks

ps. pls feel free to make doubles of any prompt!! or have multiple characters/threads in the same au idk

posted on Oct 2 2017, 02:37 AM, permalink
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profesh crier, currently at malaysia, 21 years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

modern royalty au

from underworldwrites @ tumblr

i. “your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it” au

ii. “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” au [lucian/callidora]

iii. “i’m a prince/ss and you’re a servant and we’re not supposed to hang out but we’re gonna fall in love anyways” au

iv. “i’m a prince/ss and you’re my bodyguard and we’re so not supposed to bang but we kind of did anyways” au (bonus: limo sex is great sex)

v. princess diaries style “i grew up not knowing i was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me i was so now i guess i’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but i still have a crush on you” au

vi. alternately, “i grew up not knowing i was royal and now i guess i’m heir to a throne and you’re the guy who’s supposed to be teaching me how to be royal bc i suck at it and oops we made out” au [oskar/aine]

vii. “i’m a prince/ss from a small country nobody’s heard of and i’m in college pretending not to be royal and you’re another student who’s always calling me out on my bs” au

viii. “my country’s going through some issues so i’m here in hiding and you’re a civilian who lives in the same apartment complex as me” au

posted on Oct 2 2017, 02:46 AM, permalink
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profesh crier, currently at malaysia, 21 years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

assassins au

from frenchkey @ tumblr

i. “‘Wait, you’ve been hired to kill this guy too?!’ AU

ii. ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU

iii. ‘I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to kill you yet but first, either way, what did you DO to piss off the Canadians so badly.’ AU

iv. ‘They never told me the target was also a trained killer. Did they tell you?’ AU

v. 'I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’ AU

vi. ‘I’m intrigued; the last three attempts on my life were much better funded and prepared.’ AU [behram&safiye]

vii. ‘All my intel said you’re not meant to be back until next week and I’m sitting here using your flat as a sniper nest to kill a bad guy. This is awkward.’ AU

viii. ‘I can only assume we’re both missing part of the story here because that was supposed to kill you.’ AU

ix. ‘Dude, you just shot my arm off. Do they not hire assassins with an aim anymore?’ AU

x. ‘Explain to me one more time, why exactly are you so desperate to buy this much Ricin?’ AU

xi. ‘So let me get this straight. You nuked my entire home city and you still didn’t manage to kill me?’ AU

xii. ‘Dude, no. If you kill me that just leaves you, the crazy guy and the CAT!’ AU

xiii. ‘I don’t know who you are or how you got in here but I need you to give back at least some of the armoury.’ AU

xiv. ‘Having drawn the short straw I’m the guy who has to explain to you why we can’t take out a hit on an entire landmass.’ AU

xv. ‘Look, I know we got off on the wrong foot back there but we are literally the only two people on this boat who are not assassins, so…’ AU

posted on Oct 2 2017, 04:50 AM, permalink
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profesh crier, currently at malaysia, 21 years old, played by lyss, shipper , dev

single parent au

from riphaerry @ tumblr

i. im on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did

ii. i asked you to babysit one time and now my child keeps asking when you will spend time with them again

iii. you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks im married with a baby

iv. we are friends and my child’s first word was your name and im jealous but also kind of endeared

v. you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married

vi. we’ve been on a few dates and my child just asked us when we are getting married

vii. our children are in the same class and we both hate their teacher, eventually the parents’ evenings are just us competing who can call out snarkier comments

viii. we are the only two parents who agreed to attend the school trip (bonus: “so i guess we share this hotel room?”)

ix. our children are best friends….yeah

x. “i’m so sorry that my child pointed out how your shirt- actually nevermind i agree, that shirt is horrendous”

xi. you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you

posted on Oct 14 2017, 01:18 PM, permalink
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, currently at , years old, played by , shipper , dev

fantasy/sci fi au's

from shittyaus @ tumblr

Person A is a reaper that always finds some reason not to take Person B’s life. The other reapers start keeping a list of the most ridiculous things A has said to justify sparing B.

Person A is meant for great things, so an angel (Person B) has been sent to earth to protect them. They’ve been best friends for years and A still hasn’t caught on, but it sure is weird how B seems to appear out of nowhere sometimes.

Both person A and B are skinwalkers, able to transform into their spirit animal once they come of age. There has to have been a mix-up though, because there’s no way these forms are right….right?

Person A is an introverted banshee and Person B is their neighbor. B, having never seen A before, simply thinks they’re living next to a haunted house.

Person A and Person B keep dreaming about each other and they don’t know why. As it turns out, one of them is a dreamwalker, and their dream interactions weren’t a work of their subconscious.

Person A is a woodland elf and Person B is a plains elf and their people have been enemies for thousands of years. When magic gone wrong forces them together, they find out that they’re not so different from each other after all.

Person A and Person B are both witches. A has more natural, raw power but is shit with potions/runes/etc. B’s innate powers are weak but they’re a genius using other means for their spellwork. They’re both determined to prove which of them is the better witch.

posted on May 20 2018, 06:56 PM, permalink
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