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winter, year 307
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Mücevher is a coastal Utawalan country that shares a sea border with Eldur--(Tavola and Southedge). Comprised of a mountainous coastal region as well as several island chains, Mücevher's environment varies greatly from tropical oasis to rocky plateau. Throughout history they have survived in the face of their foes through the cooperation of the rugged terrain and relatively harsh seasons for the Utawalan continent--though there are some historians who would like to attribute the success of the Mücevherian empire to its ability to barter protective alliances with its neighbors.
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thibia --
It’s unclear by whom the Thibian region was first settled, but records indicate wars between several nomadic tribes vying for control of land. Some 800 years ago, the first Per-aa, a warrior king, succeeded in uniting several tribes into one country, named Thibia after the conqueror’s wife. The first instance of polygyny is noted 200 years later, after the reigning Per-aa, his son, and wife were killed in battle. The Khesenf Dynasty took control of the country approximately 350 years ago, when a revolt rose up under the tyrannical rule of the Per-aa, who had been the oldest son but not the most qualified child to inherit the throne. The first Khesenf Per-aa established the Inhep to maintain justice and order, and the family has retained rule ever since.
Morning in the training yard
by Nikare Khesenf
on Jul 3 2018, 07:13 PM
majani --
Majani is a land-locked Utawalan country that shares a large border with Thibia. Without a coast to link it to other nations outside Utawala, Majani relies heavily on two rivers, the Neḥāsi and and the Mestawet, for much of its international and intercontinental commerce. The country itself is comprised of sprawling savannas, fertile river basins, and towards the south, deserts and vast canyons. Most of the population is clustered around Majani's many rivers and lakes where the land is the most suited to agriculture, although there are exceptions, such as mining cities and towns built around desert oases.
spinning to gold
by eleonore falkenrath
on Jul 14 2018, 12:12 AM
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