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winter, year 307
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floros --
Floros is one of the five Volubisian kingdoms, unique from the surrounding countries in a multitude of ways. The sea stretches wide, with the capital city showing sweeping views of the coast. The country is warm and dry, in most regions, though as one moves closer to the sea and the capital city of Acacius, the more humid it becomes, though with a nice breeze tends to come near the sea. The winters are mild and the summers often miserable, though those raised in Floros have easily become accustomed to the wild heat there often are.
on --
Throughout Lacedae, farms and estates are spread out by virtue of the sheer amount of land allocated to each one, sweeping green lawns interspersed by small orchards ringing villas of red brick and white marble. In the center of the capital of Lacedae, a city by the name of Periphona, ancient buildings have been knocked down and replaced with schools, barracks, training fields, a senate house, a slavehouse, a market place, and two bathhouses; in the center of the capital: the Palace of Lacedae.
there will be time
by hadrias xenocrates
on Jul 16 2018, 07:41 PM
on --
although small compared to the other kingdoms of volubisia, astériae is prosperous and vibrant in culture and thriving in every sense of the word. comprised of four islands (and four respective cities) connected by a series of ferries and bridges (both natural and man made), it boasts a diverse landscape and population and a culture with a large focus on openness, equality, and the individual. magic and the arts are the lifeblood of the island kingdom, a fact evident in everything from the architecture of the sprawling capital city to the teachings of the system of public schools established throughout the islands.
by jocasta argyris
on Jun 13 2018, 12:40 AM
The capital of the Volubisian Empire and seat of its empress. It is a large city with estates of every important family in the empire, as well as the palace, university and the senate. It is the center of the empire, culturally and mentally. It is the closest thing to their holy city, and by far the largest. Something is always happening, good and bad. Ships dock and set out filled from port to stern with fine goods to trade. It is positioned on the bay of Myrmias, from which the city and the kingdom got its name. The surrounding countryside is littered with farms and country estates of the most powerful in the empire with winding cobbled roads rarely unused.
a good and loving invention
by naveed shmona
on Jul 10 2018, 07:34 AM
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