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sword & crown
winter, year 307
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 nobility reserves
WIZARD, currently at NEVERLAND, 26 years old, played by IRIS, shipper , dev

house reserves
This thread is where all nobility claims should be made, so they can be added to our house indexes for each country, all of which can be found in the house directory. Please post your reserves here, not in the house directory. Please follow the instructions below, and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask an admin.

to reserve a character
<a>lord/lady surname (age in ##)</a> for <a>alias</a> <b>(dd/mm)<br>

to claim a character
<a href="linktoprofile">lord/lady first last</a> • ## • played by alias<br>

new house info
[post][b]country / seat[/b] [b]family name:[/b] here [b]house name:[/b] here [b]house colours:[/b] here [b]house sigil:[/b] here [b]house motto:[/b] here[/post]

to add a family tree
If you wish to add a family to the claim, please see the key below and use the character claim code to create a family tree. If you have trouble creating a family tree, please let an admin know and we'll help you sort it out.
family tree key
underlined name denotes current head of house
strikethrough name denotes deceased character
(m) denotes marriage
(B) denotes betrothal
* next to character age denotes twins
* next to character name denotes comments about character can be found underneath the tree
-- before character name denotes second generation, --- denotes third generation etc etc
current reserves
OPEN REGION IN VOLUBISIA for sprankles (01/10)
posted on Jan 1 2017, 07:51 PM, permalink
, , , Quote,
kalos zeuxidamus
, currently at , years old, played by , shipper , dev
[post][b]volubisia / lacedae / nicippia[/b] [b]family name:[/b] zeuxidamus  [b]house name:[/b] nicippia [b]house colours:[/b] gold and black [b]house sigil:[/b] an orle (border) of alternating gold crescents and suns on a black field [b]house motto:[/b] power and progress[/post]

<a>lord senator battus zeuxidamus</a> • 65 • want ad coming<br>
(M) <a><s>lady-[i]chesut[/i] sana zeuxidamus <i>neé</i> tzamplakon</s></a> <br>
-- <a><s>lord legatus akhilleus zeuxidamus</s></a><br>
-- <a>lord melanthos zeuxidamus</a> • 42 • want ad coming<br>
-- <a>lady legeia ____ <i>neé</i> zeuxidamus</a> • 39 • want ad coming<br>
-- <a>lord kalos zeuxidamus</a> • 35 • <i>reserved for dela</i><br>
(M) <a>lady vipsania zeuxidamus <i>neé</i> livianus</a> • 45 • want ad coming<br>
posted on Aug 29 2017, 02:26 AM, permalink
, , , Quote,
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